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The Process

A customer journey map helps businesses perceive/understand (in the aspect of buying and selling) their products and processes from their customers' points of view.

1. In-depth familiarity with your company's activities, understanding the vision, studying the marketing activities and the sales process.

3. Building the content strategy - After characterizing the customer and learning about the sales process, we prepare the content at each touchpoint in the customer's buying process. The content will be delivered via different channels - email, SMS, WhatsApp, videos, and more

5. Testing, monitoring, and analyzing mechanisms to achieve improvement in sales. At this point, we study the results of each "touch" of contact with the potential buyer and examine the impact of the step we have taken on the buying process. This measurement allows us to adjust the tools to maximize the results.

2. Building a profile of customers who are ready and willing to buy the products and services. We specialize in building the crucial points in the buying process. You cannot track customers’ movements if you don’t know who they are, what they like or love, and their aspirations. One of the best ways to flesh out your customer personas is to survey and test real-life people engaged with your brand.

4. Activation – By using automation systems and personal communication like Facebook, LinkedIn, email, SMS, WhatsApp we engage relevant customers and produce the maturation of potential customers into buyers.

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