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10 Winning Formulas to Increase Highly Targeted LinkedIn Leads

Struggling to generate quality LinkedIn leads? Not seeing the ROI you are looking for? Well, don’t worry. You can receive a flood of highly-targeted leads every day. Imagine how wonderful it would feel to see the emerging leads. Sound like a daydream? Now it is time to turn it into reality. In the B2B market, LinkedIn is a significant tool for marketing and sales. In the attachment you will find 10 rules that I have identified that may help with this activity.

LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking site where 425+ million business people hang out. You may be now asking, then why all your efforts to drive your leads down the line are not yielding any result.

This is because you don’t know the right approach to attract networking Leads. LinkedIn can help you generate highly targeted leads when you have the right strategy in place.

This is why we’ve compiled some full proof strategies that will help you secure warm LinkedIn leads for your business.

Let’s get started.

1.Create a profile that is clickable

We all know that the profile is the first thing people notice when they land on your page. It is like your digital business card that should be able to convince your prospect that you are the best person to work with. A profile should constitute the following elements.

• Quality headshot

• Captivating Headline

• Experience and education

• Background Image

• Useful information

Start off with creating an engaging headline. This is what going to impact how your profile will look on the search result. So, make sure it is captivating enough to get the clicks.

Highlighting past accolades and current position grabs the eyeballs. You can go into details to talk about any prestigious responsibilities or achievement you have but be sure it is digestible.

Be clear about your goals on LinkedIn, talk about your ventures and also mention the audience you are trying to connect with. When you nail these aspects, the person is likely to check out your full profile.

2. Make Your Profile Keyword Rich

Your profile is going to be scanned by both the LinkedIn and Google search engines. So, you need to make it search engine friendly to appear in the search results.

Optimizing the profile will make it easier for the people to search you on the web. Do proper keyword research and include buzzwords to optimize your page to the best of your ability. Try to use longer-tail keyword phrases to drive higher quality traffic and highly targeted leads.

3. Ask to connect

Need a simplest way to generate leads from LinkedIn? Just literally ask for them. You will not want to lose a potential lead that land on your profile to leave instantly as there is no call to action. So, put your summary in front of them through a video to connect on LinkedIn.

#4.Reach out the targeted audience

Bombing the audience with the sales copy is not the way to go. You should focus on reaching out the people who may require your services. Familiarize yourself with your target audience to build a quality following.

Let your profile do some of the selling for you. Once you got the right prospect, scroll down through their profile. When you go through the profile, it will alert them and generate a curiosity and they will want to see your profile.

5. Create your group

One of the excellent ways to generate new networking leads is to create a LinkedIn group. It will lead your way to some great new professional connections and opportunities. Invite more people to your group and regularly post something new to keep it active.

6. Create a list of potential customers

So, you have started your group. You are seeing some customers rolling in. Now, it is time to start finding the prospects that will eventually become your networking Leads.

Compile a list of more than 1000 potential customers to make the most out of the LinkedIn. Well, it may sound like quite large figure but as we know LinkedIn has over 400 million users, it is worth to make some effort. For a better result make use of the LinkedIn’s built-in search function.

7. Join more groups

Try to connect with more than 50 groups. If you are only considering the one that is in the same industry, you need to change your approach. Being a part of some limited group is not going to sell your business.

Also, focus on your prospects while joining any group. Spend time with the members of your group to build up a rapport. Connect to as more as people possible and solve their problems to earn more LinkedIn leads.

8. Stay active in the group

Joining a group is not enough to earn more leads, you need to get involved and actively participate in the conversation. You can like or comment on the posts of other members.

Putting a small reference to your business at the end of the post is a good way to bring in more customers. Remember to post “Update” or “What’s on your mind?” on your LinkedIn network and share video or blog post relevant to your potential customers and network.

9. Use Referrals

Introducing others can help you gain quality LinkedIn leads. Especially for the beginners who are trying to get leads from LinkedIn, referrals are the way to go. Start sending introductions to your connections to get the mutual benefit. The more you give to them, the more you will get business leads from LinkedIn in return.

10. Follow Up

If a lead doesn’t reply you, you should follow up with them after a week. They may have just skipped your message or just put it on the back burner. You will not want to miss out on a potential client due to an oversight.

Final Words

LinkedIn is no doubt the best lead generation platform for any business. But generating more leads doesn’t happen overnight. It takes effort and time to get leads from LinkedIn and turn your profile into an invincible source of organic traffic.

If you are willing to put the above strategies into work, you are sure to leave your competition in the dust with highly targeted leads.

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