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Increasing Sales Through Targeted B2B presentation

Updated: Jan 29

Sales presentations are crucial for any B2B salesperson. An impactful deck can drive deals and revenue, yet creating one is challenging. Here are tips for persuasive presentations:  

Spotlight Customer Pains

Open by understanding your client’s specific challenges and needs. Use relevant data to showcase you grasp of their vertical and problems. Demonstrate how you address these needs.

Craft a Compelling Narrative 

Build a story – lay out the problem, present your solution, and promise tangible results. Stories resonate more than facts alone.

Quantify Value

Explain how you deliver clear ROI - cost savings, revenue gains, improved processes and more. Support with hard statistics.

Visually Engage 

Invest in sleek graphics and visuals. Use photos, illustrations and quality fonts/color palettes for high appeal.

Concise and Focused

Limit to 10 slides. Use succinct points over lengthy sentences. Each slide should have one key idea.

Wishing you success in creating high-impact presentations. Combine creativity and data to motivate and persuade.

For presentations with visual appeal and seamless updates, I leverage CANVA:

- Quickly access massive multimedia assets 

- Send updated versions while retaining the same link

- Insert custom narration   

- Choose from unlimited industry templates

Tips to Improve

- Get team feedback to identify areas needing refinement

- Study competitor presentations for inspiration  

- Match colors/fonts for branding cohesion

- Add executive photos to build trust

I welcome the chance to review materials and provide feedback for established global companies. Please reach out if interested in discussing qualified B2B lead matchmaking services. 

You are invited to arrange a telephone/online conversation at a time that suits you at this link and we will ask you smart questions😊

It is also possible to send WhatsApp to +972 52-420-3043 or send an email to

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