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Methodology Of Creating a Persona

The process of tracking your current engagement rates, leads, and campaigns can be so stressful for any marketer. The process involves various essential details, which can often be confusing to social marketers, But not when you prioritize the demands of your target audience. One sure-fire way to do so is through building a buyer persona.

What's a buyer persona?

A buyer persona, often known as marketing persona, customer persona, or audience persona, helps marketers reach their ideal customers easily.

With that in mind, a buyer persona is often a thorough description of a person who represents your target customers. While a fictional person, he bears the details of your ideal potential audience.

The persona's description includes personal details such as name, interests, demographic information, and behavioral characteristics. All this information enables you to understand their goals, challenges, and purchasing behavior.

Now let's look at different real-life butter personas to understand how this works:

Examples of buyer personas

1. Fan Fit

A project at Salford University in the UK led to the development of the Fan Fit app. The app features a mix of sports, fitness tracking, and social networking through personal sports leagues.

It enables various UK teams to reach out to their fans effortlessly.

The app defines two business professors who took part in creating the app mentioned above.

Persona 1: Jim Watson is a sports fan, aged 52-years old, lives with his wife in Salford. Also, he is a driver who loves soccer and a Salford Red devils' season ticket holder. Besides, he loves watching TV, and he is a regular social media user (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube).

The persona influenced a former athlete to use the mobile app to lose weight after his friend suffered a minor attack. Also, in a Facebook video, two Salford Red Devils fans said they lost about 40 pounds.

Persona 2: Andrea Rodgers works in a marketing department of a sports team. He manages a team of social marketers. Also, he is a regular Facebook and Instagram user. Rodgers is interested in apps, eSports, virtual reality, IoT, and more.

Andrea aims to connect his marketing team with more younger females. However, he is frustrated with the fact that his team doesn't have on the app.

2. Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event is an electronic music festival held in Amsterdam annually.

A SurveyPlanet survey built a buyer persona with the following traits:

Persona 1: A student or worker aged 22-29 years, active on social media, attends ADE regularly to connect with friends and other like-minded individuals.

Persona 2: Dancing Dave

He is a student at the University of Amsterdam aged 27 years. He works part-time in the University library, attends local clubs' events frequently, attended ADE last year. Besides, he is a follower of Amsterdam's nightlife and follows ADE on Facebook.

Benefits of buyer personas in business

How can your business benefit from building buyer personas?

1. Helps you to prioritize customers' demands:

Marketers often use meaningless words and phrases which don't affect customers' needs. Buyer personas enable you to know how to engage real humans through social media posts and other content. With buyer personas, you can solely focus on the customers' priorities. As a result, you'll be able to tweak your marketing strategy to meet your customers' needs and goals.

2. Increased ROI

The buyer persona spring model enables you to connect your business objectives with the buyer persona. It helps you to define what content relates to your buyer persona accurately. Also, it allows you to identify which social media channels your buyers often use.

Besides, it enables you to create data to help you monitor, report, and revise your strategy to succeed quickly.

3. It's effective in targeting your social ads

Through building buyer personas, you'll have various targeting options. With this in place, creating social ads targeting your potential audience becomes easy.

You'll be able to get your social ads to the right people, enabling you to provide what they want.


The online marketplace is dynamic. Therefore, you need to come up with a sure-fire way of reaching your target audience quickly. One of the best ways is building a buyer persona who represents what your customers may need and want. Buyer personas enable you to create relevant and appealing messages that can attract potential customers.

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