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There is the essential need to create a dialog with the potential customers to get their attention to continue the sales process. This change and building the tools and content that will inevitably encourage these prospective clients to do this is the core of our company's activities. Our goal is to create 100% relevance for every potential lead. Let's evaluate our success rate by calculating the total investment in the process and the sales volume generated by that activity. We will very quickly produce a return on investment. 

Better understanding of customers to produce tools to enhance their relevance — image of someone with a sign

A Better Understanding Of Your Ideal Customer

Marketing is usually responsible for creating buyer personas, and they can gain many insights from a website...

Increase Conversions By Connecting Faste

Increase Conversions By Connecting Faster With The Best Prospects

How quickly sales respond to leads has a significant impact on their ability to convert them...

Fuel your content marketing strategy - 2

Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy

More than two-thirds of today’s brands say that creating or sourcing well-targeted, relevant content...


How We Improve The Quality Of Your B2B Leads

Flowchart of the manufacturing process Relevant applicants for companies This is the work process of MATCH B2B

The Process

Industrial structure, the first thing in the process is getting to know the company and its activities


Company - In-depth familiarity with your company's activities, understanding the vision, studying the marketing activities and the sales process.

finger on abutton-to activate te sales journey


Activation – By using automation systems and personal communication like Facebook, LinkedIn, email, SMS, WhatsApp we engage relevant customers and produce the maturation of potential customers into buyers.

Drawing a profile of a person-stage in which we build the persona we are addressing and improve its relevance


Profile - building a profile of ready and willing customers to buy the products and services. We specialize in building the crucial points in the buying process. You cannot track customers’ movements if you don’t know who they are, what they like or love, and their aspirations. One of the best ways to flesh out your customer personas is to survey and test real-life people engaged with your brand.

man sit infront computer -the stage to measure the effectivness of the sles journey


Testing, monitoring, and analyzing mechanisms to achieve improvement in sales. At this point, we study the results of each "touch" of contact with the potential buyer and examine the impact of the step we have taken on the buying process. This measurement allows us to adjust the tools to maximize the results.

Picture of a pencil - the stage of building the content for the activity


Content strategy - After characterizing the customer and learning about the sales process, we prepare the content at each touchpoint in the customer's buying process. The content will be delivered via different channels - email, SMS, WhatsApp, videos, and more


The Production Process of Customer Journey

The Production Process of Customer Journey

data picture -we use that for production customer journey


Data - We use the data-Leads, customers, and abandoned customers.

A trophy icon symbolizes success in a customer response that is the oxygen of the ripening process


Status Update - Leads respond. Each response is documented and reflects the next step. At last, we refer the potential customer to the sales system for further handling. Note, however, that not every change in status creates a need for direct communication. Changes in the quality of leads go straight to the salesmen because this is a lead that is very likely to become a customer.

icon of paper and pencil we use it for prepre te content in all the channels for customer journey


Content - According to the content strategy we built, we prepare the content in all formats - newsletters, personal emails, SMS, WhatsApp, posts on social networks - these are written according to the sales campaign we have built.

icon of checklist that is the control and monitoring process


Control and Monitoring - every change in customer involvement has a meaning. The relationship with the leads increases the motivation towards purchase. These indices include - the volume of leads handled, the content they were exposed to, and the level of interest generated in this “Build your Customer” Journey Map. Control and monitoring are essential for us to effectively manage the resources invested in the customer's buying journey.

we see pic offace and line to succesful purchase -that is the process of the journey


Buying Journey - In this phase, we upload and activate contact with potential customers

Prodution Process

Meet the CEO

Hi, I am Benny Fluman, and I run the company MATCH - B2B. I have been working in sales, marketing, business management, and business architecture for 30 years. I have trained many senior executives, marketing and sales managers to maximize the investment in the marketing budget and convert it into sales. My specialty is improving the conversion rate from leads to customers.

Improving digital marketing through search engines and social networks may produce more leads yet doesn’t help converting them to customers. Most prospective customers do not buy the product immediately, and this is where work needs to be done to maintain contact and provide information for decision making.

Our company's professional challenge is to create a compelling Customer Journey and identify the right moment in the sales process.

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